From features, to short movies, Elle Bates Films offers a wide range of entertainment and services such as Music videos, Commercials, Live performances, Events, and Promos. Playfully dark, or cinematically vibrate, the styles are vast yet founded on top a sense of an unworldly and explorative imagination. Enchanted by the human mind and the adventure of such. Inspired by the 18th Century, and Neo Victorian, EBF blends worlds and eras together to embody a new time and place to venture. The Bates family have been involved in films for over 40 years. Julie Bates (Mother) has worked on films such as “Where the wild things are” and “Ghost Rider” as well as television series such as “Neighbours” and “Around the Twist” Elle Bates followed in her mothers footsteps when she found a passion for Directing. Everything from developing characters, and guiding words from a script into life on the screen, as well as working passionately in Editing and Producing. Elle Bates looks to take unbound imagination and further seek where it may lead.

Working history

2005 -

Working as a Directors P.A on the Australian long time running Series "Neighbours" (Channel 10) between then and 2008 while perfuming music in venues around Melbourne  Elle Bates was honing in on her passion for film making completed her first Music Video  for the band "Nancy Hazard"

2010 -

Enrolling at an internationally recognised university, Elle Bates went on to study her Bachelor of Film Production at SAE Institute where in those three years, produced, directed, and edited over 50 projects! Along with the launch of her film company ELLE BATES FILMS!

2012 -

Worked along side award winning Australian Director Kim Farrant as a Co-Producer, and Directing commercials for The Stoke Foundation. Elle Bates worked with several Australian icons such as Mike Goldman from "Big Brother" and bands like "The Getaway Plan"

2013 -

Working more in Directing music videos for musicians, Elle Bates also worked at "It's Official Music" FAM-PR, where she shot and edited several promo clips and music videos for international Australian bands and artists, including M-Phazes during the Eminem tour.

2014 -

Continuing her work and love for Film, as a singer song writer herself, Bates took time to start recording her next album "Hedonism" all while continuing to work for clients who'd continued to come back for their next music video.

2015 -

With the release of her new Album "HEDONISM" Elle Bates also announced the Pre-Production stage of her first Full-Length Feature Film "Curse Of An Artist" One she has been working on the script for during the past year.


To have a look at the the full history of Elle Bates, check out the CV page or CLICK HERE!


To create moments that become the viewers memories. The goal is to envelope the audience, and create a sense of being apart of the big screen. To feel, cry, laugh, reminisce and experience everything the characters go through. To be surprised by twists, and indulge in storyline, to be amazed by effects and visuals and to walk away with something they wont soon forget. A platform for musicians to showcase their style, and for other musicians to hear their music on a soundtrack, and a creative environment for all cast and crew to develop and excel.


To create epic artworks that embody the depth of emotion found in films such as "The Titanic" and "The Notebook" where upon watching again, an audience feels as though they were there, watching memories of grandiose time spent, with a touch of surrealism as seen in films like those created by Tim Burton. A blend of the quirky and the deep.